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George C. Schmieler, M.D.
Medical Director,
The Washington Hospital Occupational Medicine Center

I became aware of Duane S. Marasco, D.C. about 20+ years ago. Dr. Marasco was writing informative articles for the Washington County Roadrunners Association. I was impressed with his interest in sports medicine and the good advice which he was imparting to runners. I met him for lunch to discuss mutual interests regarding injured athletes and workers. We seemed to have a common philosophy with regard to patient management. I have been referring patients to Dr. Marasco with acute work related disorders since that time. I have considered him to be a very good chiropractor for several reasons:

1. He examines patients to make an accurate diagnosis.
2. He outlines a treatment plan and is very good at adjustment therapy.
3. He will initiate an exercise program when appropriate in order to maintain the alignment.
4. He does not use “gadgets” or “gimmicks” which have not been scientifically scrutinized.
5. He has excellent judgment and he knows when additional chiropractic treatment will not be beneficial and will discontinue treatment from his office at that time.

I always found his clinical acumen to be excellent. His interpersonal relationship with patients and medical professionals is very good and I am confident that when I refer patients to Dr. Marasco that I am referring them to a competent clinician who will do his utmost to help his patient to a prompt and uneventful recovery.


I have been a patient of Dr. Marasco for many years. I have a chronic condition that was diagnosed by Dr. Marasco at least 10 years before the medical community recognized that I had Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Dr. Marasco has given me suggestions for supplements that when taken on a regular basis have stopped my skin bruising which was both very painful and unsightly; he has given me exercises to strengthen problem areas and taught me ways to help prevent further injury to myself such as reaching too far. Dr. Marasco goes beyond adjustments and helps you make the life changes that are needed to sustain your health. Dr. Marasco is a friend, a Christian, and a man that you can trust.


By focusing on the root cause of my health issues, instead of just addressing the symptoms, Dr. Marasco accurately diagnosed what was truly causing me years of health problems. Rather than prescribing pills like many of my other doctors, he prescribed a course of action (beyond just chiropractic adjustments) and the emotional support I needed to get better. I am no longer taking multiple prescription medicines and numerous unnecessary supplements. My health issues have subsided, I feel better, and I am eating the right foods. He gave me my health back and for that I am extremely grateful.


I have been treated by Dr. Marasco for over ten years, initially to help me after recovering from a rare high risk surgery to remove a cervical rib that left me with serious nerve damage. Dr. Marasco understood my condition, listened patiently, and paid attention to my symptoms. Because of his expertise in my condition, I was able to function with little discomfort and without the use of narcotics and pain management drugs. Recently, I have been diagnosed with degenerative disks in my neck and Dr. Marasco continues to provide me with expert treatment required to remain active and able to go about my normal daily activities without the aid of strong medications to treat the pain. Dr. Marasco is a rare doctor and person; he pays attention to his patients and makes every effort to treat the mind and body. 


Thanks to Dr. Marasco I was able to overcome my shoulder pain to become a 21-Time All-American Swimmer. In high school my shoulder hurt so badly that I could not swim butterfly. Dr. Marasco treated me and also gave me shoulder exercises to do. I did the exercises throughout high school and college. As a result I have not had a problem since!


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