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  • Why house calls?
    Visiting someone in their home can contribute to the overall health assessment and also enhances treatment opportunities such as home exercises, daily habits, ergonomic considerations, and home hazards (trip hazards). For example, Dr. Marasco may identify household tasks or situations that could contribute to your problem, pain, or recurrence. Bottom line: being in your home provides Dr. Marasco the opportunity to provide the best holistic care that may not be possible in an office setting.
  • How to schedule?
    Call or text Dr. Marasco to schedule. Email is also an option.
  • How far will Dr. Marasco travel?
    Dr. Marasco will travel within the greater Washington area. If you you are further or have any questions, give him a call.
  • What are Dr. Marasco's hours?
    Dr. Marasco's schedule and availability are regularly shifting. Give him a call to find a convenient time.
  • How long is each visit?
    For new patients, visits last around one hour. A standard, existing patient visit is typically 20 minutes.
  • How much does it cost & how do I pay?
    Because Dr. conducts a full exam, assessment, and treatment, new patients are $100 for the first visit. Existing patient visits are $50 for the standard treatment or maintenance care. Payment is due at the time of service. Cash and checks are accepted as well as credit cards and debit cards with Dr. Marasco's mobile card processor (does not accept American Express).
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Because of regulations, insurance will not cover these treatments in your home, and they do not contribute towards your deductible. As such, Dr. Marasco keeps an eye on pricing to keep it both affordable and reasonable. For many people, the out-of-pocket expense for the convenience of Dr. Marasco's homecare visit is comparable to what they may pay in a traditional office through their co-pay and/or coinsurance.
  • What paperwork do I need to compete?
    Dr. Marasco will contact you with instructions for all necessary paperwork. Existing patients only need to complete forms when asked to do so by Dr. Marasco.
  • Can multiple people be treated on the same visit?
    Absolutely! Ask Dr. Marasco about special arrangements.
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